What Background Checks
Are Needed For Volunteers:
Optimum Screening’s volunteer screening encompasses many components within the background screening industry to protect your volunteers.
  • Address Report and Verification
  • Alias
  • Social Security Number Trace and Verification
  • National Criminal Database search
  • National Criminal Database Alias
  • National Sex Offenders Search
  • International Essential Report (if necessary)
  • County Searches (Unlimited per address report 7 years)
  • Fugitives warrant and want lists
  • Global terrorist wants and warrants list
  • Death index

One way to effectively spend in volunteer screening is by not spending at all. In the volunteer sector this cost is often passed on to the members of the organization. Optimum Screening can set up an account for the member to pay for their own backgrounds. We can also set the account up for the organization to pay or subsidize payment (i.e. partial payment) in behalf of its members.

Optimum Screening views organization’s background screens in their behalf. We can integrate via API into the organizations membership database. We will flag a PASS or FAIL based on the “organization’s” created criteria. The Organization will never have to seeThe members criminal background screen Information.

Optimum Screening
Integration is simple and seamless.